The Heavens

“The Heavens are telling the glory of God” the Psalmist writes at the beginning of Psalm 19.

God’s glory, in other words, is revealed through the glory and majesty and wonder of the heavens above us. They speak of it. They tell of it.

Perhaps, though, God also uses us – feeble, fallen, broken individuals — to tell of God’s glory. Perhaps our stories are one of the ways God discloses himself to the world.

In their classic book on writing, The Elements of Style, authors William Strunk and E.B. White note that an author’s intent becomes clear and transparent when the writer ensures that “every word tell.”

God wants the same thing from us that Strunk & White want from well-written prose. God wants us to tell — to mean something, to communicate clearly — as our lives become the characters and sentences and paragraphs in the narrative of the world, which is, after all, God’s story.

In these pages, then, are some examples of these telling stories from a corner of the world called Plymouth, Minnesota, in a congregation of God’s people called St. Philip the Deacon.